In the event of an emergency during non-business hours, please call the company directly to file a claim. Emergency claim phone numbers are listed below. If it is not an emergency, please call our office directly to handle the claim.

If an emergency claim is filed during non-business hours, please call our office the next business day to discuss the claim.

Contacting our office to discuss the claim gives us the ability to assess the situation, give you direction, and let you know how the claim may affect future rates.

Auto-Owners Insurance

Claims: 888.252.4626

Online Claims

Accident Fund</p >

Claims: 866.206.5851

Online Claims

American Strategic Insurance (ASI)</p >

Claims: 866.274.5677

Online Claims

Cincinnati Insurance

Claims: 877.242.2544

Online Claims

Citizens Insurance Company of America

Citizens Insurance

Claims: 800.628.0250

Online Claims

Foremost Insurance Group</p >

Claims: 800.527.3907

Online Claims

Frankenmuth Insurance

Claims: 800.234.4433

Online Claims

Grange Insurance

Claims: 800.445.3030

Online Claims

Hagerty Insurance

Claims: 800.922.4050

Online Claims

Hastings Mutual

Claims: 800.442.8277

Online Claims

Michigan Insurance Company

Claims: 800.255.7131

Online Claims

West Bend – NSI

Claims: 877.922.5246

Online Claims

Pioneer State Mutual

Claims: 800.837.7674

Online Claims


Claims: 877.776.2436

Online Claims